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Elasticsearch Indexing

1.0.3 pklalitjha 2014-07-29

Elasticsearch Indexing Talend Custom Component
Often, we need full text search support in our application along with analytics. Having a component will allow indexing created/updated along with
data loaded in warehouse. So, I have created a component for indexing (create/update) for Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch, is distributed, open source,
full text engine built on top of Lucene. It is well documented, supports REST API over JSON and many other native language API for indexing and querying.

NOTE: To support add or update, at least one field in schema must be designated as key to identify rows as unique. Multiple columns can be designated as key (in case of composite primary keys).

Updated extension to fix compatibility issues with 1.x version of Elasticsearch. Removed dependent jars (lucne-core and elasticsearch), so now need to add them from Elasticsearch distribution. Also reduced download size from 10MB to 15KB.

Elasticsearch v1.2+ works with JDK 7+, so if elasticsearch version is 1.2+ then use JDK 7 u25/55/65 (recommended by ES) as this component is using elasticsearch Java API and corrosponding lucene core jar.

Added support for configuring cluster name in v1.0.3



0.2 bennatigiuliano 2014-07-24

This component allows you to generate a Gantt Graph.



3.0 jlolling 2014-07-20

These 3 components are dedicated to manage job monitoring.
These components provides following features:
* Creates an job instance Id to mark the datasets for data lineage
* holds all necessary information about a job run in a table
* keeps all context variables in a table (at the job start and its end)
* keeps as much as needed counters from the job
* provides incremental loads
* provides a lot of key figures about the last job run
* keeps the error messages from the job in the status table
* enables Log4J for the job with various outputs
Please refer the linked documentation
The release 3.0 needs slightly changed tables!
Please contact me in case of questions and do not use the rating function to post questions.



6.4 jlolling 2014-07-14

This component depends on tFileExcelWorkbookOpen.
It can create/fill sheets on a very flexible way:
It can set the header with self defined content
It can write columns with gaps
It can copy styles, conditional styles, row height
It can reconfigure written tables to update pivot tables
Please take a look in the documentation linked here. This component is very powerful while using excel templates.



0.1 bennatigiuliano 2014-07-11

This component allows you to generate Plot Graph.



1 wzawwin 2014-07-09


0.6 llaen 2014-07-07

This component takes an address from the input flow and appends lat and lon columns to the output flow for the address. Google\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s geocode API is used to look up the latitude and longitude for the address.

Started with the original tGoogleGeocoder component but rewritten for API v3.
It also supports business API (given a client and private key strings).

The input row must have at least one column that contains an address. Select that column in the components \\\\\\\"Address Column\\\\\\\" variable.
The output is the same as the input but with two new columns added (lat and lon) which will contain the latitude and longitude coordinates that Google gave for the input address.



6.3 jlolling 2014-07-03

This component writes into referenced cells in a sheet.
It depends on the component tFileExcelWorkbookOpen and tFileExcelWorkbookSave.
The component takes the cell reference and the values / comments from an input flow (simplest way is using a tFixedFlowInput if the reference are fix.



1.1 jlolling 2014-07-01

Data warehouses needs a date dimension and this component creates the most of the needed data (also fully localised).
The schema of this component is fully commented.
The main features are:
* creates all possible date categories like day, week, month, year, quarter
* builds integer id for all categories to support a table as dimension
* supports different years (year for the current week and a financial year)
* build automatically a configurable amount of days in the future.



1.8 jlolling 2014-07-01

This component is an ELT usage of the DB2 temporal tables, introduced with the release 10.1 of the IBM DB2 database.
Temporal tables are a native Slowly Changing Dimension Type 2 implementation (with bi-temporal means you have a business time period and a system time period for the validity of your data).
This component create and run all necessary statement to:
create tables (actual data and history data)
create indices
merge or the date from the source table (insert, update and delete)
managing the versioning

Average Length With Null For SQL Server Storing Large

  • Author: yyi
  • Categories: Indicator
  • First revision date: 2012-06-12
  • Latest revision date: 2012-06-12
  • Compatible with: Data Quality releases 5.0.0, 5.0.0M2, 5.0.0M3, 5.0.0M4, 5.0.0M5, 5.0.0RC1, 5.0.0RC2, 5.0.0RC3, 5.0.1, 5.0.2, 5.1.0, 5.1.0M2, 5.1.0RC1, 5.1.1
  • Downloads: 22

About: Computes the average length of the field, counting null data as zero length values, the text filed type should be ntext or text in Microsoft SQL Server.

Revision list

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Revision 1.0 22 Downloads, Released on 2012-06-12
Download revision 1.0

Compatible with: 5.1.1, 5.1.0, 5.1.0RC1, 5.1.0M2, 5.0.2, 5.0.1, 5.0.0, 5.0.0RC3, 5.0.0RC2, 5.0.0RC1, 5.0.0M5, 5.0.0M4, 5.0.0M3, 5.0.0M2

Related to http://jira.talendforge.org/browse/TDQ-5030

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