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2.3.0 dqsh_uniserv 2014-04-08

tUniservRTPost allows Talend jobs to use the Uniserv post product for validation, correction and normalization of international addresses.

The tUniservRTPost component may either be used with the Uniserv post software and the reference tables for the respective countries installed on site or with the Uniserv SaaS offering.

For more information on Uniserv post, visit http://www.uniserv.com/en/products/uniserv-data-quality-functions/address-check. If you are interested in the Uniserv SaaS offering, go to http://www.data-quality-on-demand.com.



2.3.0 dqsh_uniserv 2014-04-08

tUniservRTConvertName makes the functionality of the Uniserv convert-name product available in Talend jobs.

convert-name analyzes the name line in consumer addresses and returns its components (e.g. last name, first name, title, name prefixes, name suffixes, ...) and derives a gender key. Names that refer rather to a company or an institution are recognized as such and the legal form is analyzed if applicable.

To be able to run jobs containing the tUniservRTConvertName component, the Uniserv convert-name software must be installed.



2.3.0 dqsh_uniserv 2014-04-08

tUniservBTCleanse allows Talend jobs to use the Uniserv Data Quality Batch Suite.

Data Quality Batch Suite is a comprehensive tool to configure and run any kind of batch processing of customer data including functions for deduplication, address normalization, enrichment and more. All functions are optimized for high-speed batch processing.

To be able to use the tUniservBTCleanse component, the Uniserv DQ Batch Suite software must be installed.

The component has its own GUI and requires an additional plugin. Please contact Uniserv for download information.

For more information on Data Quality Batch Suite, visit http://www.uniserv.com/en/products/data-quality-service-hub/data-cleansing.



2.3 walkerca 2014-04-07

A component that works with tScriptRules to provide a rule list. In tScriptRules, a list of rules written in Javascript can be maintained in a table accessible through the Component View. tScriptRulesLoad enables the rules to be loaded from another source such as a flat file, tFixedFlowInput, database, or even a web service. This is accomplished using the normal Talend mechanisms (tFileInputDelimted -> tScriptRulesLoad).



2.3 walkerca 2014-04-07

Version 2.3 supports 5.2.1 and adds Silenty and Leniently checkboxes to the Advanced Tab to control what happens with malformed rules or input

Version 2.2. adds the capability of referencing Talend Routines such as StringHandling or your own validation code packaged as Routines

Version 2.0 is a complete rewrite. Also see the tScriptRulesLoad component. The documentation and demo videos are being updated.

A filtering component that will add a reason code and message to the reject output if a rule fails

Rules are created using JEXL, a Java-like scripting language, and paired with the reason code and message

The normal mode of operation will break on the first failure. There is a Run All mode that will create multiple reject rows for each failure.

Formerly listed as \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"tRules\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" on the Talend Exchange



1 fyoula 2014-04-06




0.1 tal00000 2014-04-03

Checkpointing is a simple way to add some restart and recovery capability to your Talend Jobs.

Talend Enterprise provides some functionality that allows you to checkpoint an OnSubJobOK connector; but there is nothing available to Open Studio. tCheckpoint (used in conjunction with tCheckpointStart and tCheckpointEnd) allows you to modularise your Job in to restartable sections. If your Job does not complete successfully, tCheckpoint will provide sufficient information to allow you to determine if a particular section needs to run your recovery code, does not need to run at all, or should be run normally.

Add a tCheckpointStart to your Job. Set the Checkpoint Directory and, optionally, the Checkpoint File. tCheckpointStart sets the boolean value globalMap.get(\"tCheckpoint_inRecovery\"), allowing you to determine if your Job is in recovery.

Add a number of tCheckpoint, as needed. Each tCheckpoint will set the following boolean values - globalMap.get(\"tCheckpoint_1_NEEDS_RECOVERY\") and globalMap.get(\"tCheckpoint_1_NEEDS_EXECUTION\"). You can use these in IF connectors to determine the code that should be executed. Remember that your recovery code will normally be Order:1. You can also enter Code directly in to the tCheckpoint component, as you would with tJava.

Add a tCheckpointEnd to your Job, to complete a series of checkpoints. You can specify if the checkpoint file should be cleared. It may be helpful during debugging to retain checkpoint file history.

This is an initial BETA release. All feedback welcome!



0.1 txaggie00 2014-03-31

Verifies address against Goole Geocoding API. If the address returns 1 valid result, then all the address components are returned (Address, City, State, Country, Zip, County, Latitude, Longitude). If multiple addresses are returned then the address is invalid and is marked as such.

Output SchemaDescription



0.2 tfoldi 2014-03-21

Generates Tableau Extract (TDE) file for Tableau Desktop and Tableau server products.

An extract in Tableau is a special type of database, optimised for use by Tableau. Its super fast, portable and a great way to handle large data sets.

Documentation and sources: https://github.com/tfoldi/talend-tableau-extract



1.6 walkerca 2014-03-20

A collection of Java routines for validation, formatting, and logic for use in Talend Open Studio

Software license: Apache License, Version 2.0


test parser rule

  • Author: scorreia
  • Categories: ParserRule
  • First revision date: 2011-09-01
  • Latest revision date: 2011-09-01
  • Compatible with: Data Quality releases 5.0.0, 5.0.0M3, 5.0.0M4, 5.0.0M5, 5.0.0RC1, 5.0.0RC2, 5.0.0RC3, 5.2.0M2
  • Downloads: 123

About: this is a test only

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Revision 0.1 123 Downloads, Released on 2011-09-01
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Compatible with: 5.2.0M2, 5.0.0, 5.0.0RC3, 5.0.0RC2, 5.0.0RC1, 5.0.0M5, 5.0.0M4, 5.0.0M3

this is for test only

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1.0 ctoum 2010-08-04

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