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pcoffre said:

For test only, Talend's 5.1.0M1 Unified Platform release is available

We are pleased to announce that Talend's 5.1.0M1 Unified Platform release is available, for testing only.  This milestone contains many bugs fixes and new features, and is recommended for experienced users who need an early preview of upcoming 5.1 release.

Download Talend's first Unified Platform milestone here.

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration:

Features for Components:

- Support of Hadoop 1.0
- Support of MapR

- Support of loop on root element
- Support of loop on an optional element.

Support of Bonita 5.6.1 for components tBonitaInstantiateProcess et tBonitaDeploy
- Support of RFH2 and SSL on Mom components.
- tSetKerberosConfiguration usable in tSoap component.
- More components support Document type
- Salesforce scomponents now supports version 24

Features for the Data Integration Studio:

- XMLMap : Subtitutions Management (Step one)
- Start to refactor Repository view

Talend Open Studio for Data Quality:

View this link for new features: … C+key+DESC

Bug fixes: … C+key+DESC

Talend Open Studio for MDM:

- when feature status <> "QA done" or "Closed", the feature may still be in an early stage (but you can still give it a try)
- when bug fix status <> "QA done" or "Closed", the fix is implemented but not validated yet (there is still a good chance it works though)

New features: … C+key+DESC

Bug fixes: … C+key+DESC

Talend Open Studio for ESB:

In the ESB tooling, especially in the Route Builder, we like to highlight the following new features in 5.1.0M1:

- New cLog and cMail component in Route builder
- Shared JMS connection management and JMS connection pooling in Route Builder
- SL Meta data now also supported with  cCXF

For Runtime we like to mention that 5.1.0M1 still includes the CXF (2.5.0) and Camel (2.8.2) version as in included in the ESB 5.0.1 Release
With the next Milestone 2 Runtime and Tooling we will switch to the related newer snapshot versions.

The Release Notes report can be found here: … sion=12584

For more information on fixed bugs and new features, go to the TalendForge Bugtracker.

Thanks for being a part of our community,
The Talend Team.

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