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#1 2006-10-12 14:42:53

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JonathanBranam said:

WebService input/output possible?

Tags: [webservice]

I am researching possible ETL tools for use with our product. We sell a financial database product to a large client base. Some of our clients have several hundred interfaces to write before they can bring up their operations.  Sometimes they build their own interfaces, sometimes they contract with a 3rd party, and sometimes we develop their interfaces for them. We are looking for a tool that can streamline this process.

Talend seems to have about 90% of what we need, but we would rather interface with our database using Web Services instead of directly accessing tables. We can't update our database directly because we have application logic that needs to execute when new/updated data comes in.

I would guess that we can use Perl to implement a custom input/output that would call a Web Service. Are there any plans to add Web Service support to the base toolset? Our primary motivation in choosing an external tool is so that we don't have to develop and maintain a new tool, so we would rather not implement custom extensions as much as possible.


#2 2006-10-12 15:27:50

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fbonan said:

Re: WebService input/output possible?

Hi Jonathan!

The main concern around Webservice access inside a Data Integration Job is performance (network access, SOAP overload...).
But if you keep this in mind, that's ok.

To answer your question, Yes, we're currently working on a tWebservice component. This component will be released in a few weeks.
If you can't wait, you can already implement it using the Soap::Lite perl module (take a look at
This module works fine and is very well documented.



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