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#1 2009-06-17 12:02:05

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cyril.verhaest said:

Class generated by Talend has no getter and setter

Tags: [get, set, tjavaflex]

In a job I have a tJavaFlex Component with treat the data stored in a tArrayComponent.
Talend generated a "dossiers_xml_rowStruct" class in the code.
Then I can do that :
java.util.List<dossiers_xml_rowStruct> row_dossier_xml = (java.util.List<dossiers_xml_rowStruct>) globalMap.get("dossier_xml_tbl");
val = row_dossier_xml.get(0).name;

The problem is that in my tJavaFlex, I don't know in advance which property from "dossiers_xml_rowStruct" class I need to get.
So I try to use BeanUtils class :
val = BeanUtils.getProperty(row_dossier_xml.get(0), val2);

val2 is a variable and when val2 == "name", I got the error :
Exception in component tJavaFlex_1
java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: Unknown property 'name' on class 'class nomalys.test_poc_v1_0_6.test_POC_v1$dossiers_xml_rowStruct'

I think that the problem is because the "dossiers_xml_rowStruct" class generated by Talend has no getter and setter.
Could you help me ?

Cyril Verhaest


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