Talend MDM Demo Content - CE and EE

CE demo

Follow the instructions for the CE demo


Additional material

WARNING This is the incremental material for EE. You need to install the CE demo first.

For those who miss to download the CE material. Please go to the CE wiki page for instructions:

You will need the following files:

Additional instructions

  • Import ProductDemo_41_Model_EE.zip in the MDM Server view
  • ProductDemo_41_Jobs_EE.zip in the Repository view
  • Run the CreateUsers job

Partner/supplier data submission demo

Simulates how MDM can suck a data file automatically from a data producer.

  • Run the DeleteProducts job, or delete all the products in the Product container (keep the product families)
  • Unzip ProductDemo_41_Files_EE.zip on your hard drive
  • Open the job: DemoLoadFromPartner, update the PartnerDir context var to point to where you unzipped ProductDemo_41_Files_EE.zip
  • Run it
  • Copy the Product.csv file into the PartnerDir directory. It should trigger the WaitForFile component and load the products.

Matching and Stewardship demo

Completes the previous demo by simulating new data, matched with existing master records.

Prerequisite: make sure the “user” user has access to the Stewardship menu (update the Demo_User role if not)

  • Run AddAndMatchProducts
  • Connect to MDM as “user”
  • Go to the Stewardship Console
  • Resolve some records
  • Run AddResolvedProductsInMDM

Workflow demo

Import and deploy the workflow:

  • Unzip Product_Product–1.0.bar.zip on your hard drive
  • Go to the Workflow perspective, go to Process > Import, browse to Product_Product–1.0.bar and click import
  • Click on the “Export to MDM Server” menu, and then click “Export the Workflow Process”

Create an “approver” user for the approbation task:

  • Connect to MDM as administrator, go to User Management
  • Add a new user called “approver”
  • Add it to the System_Web role
  • Add it to the Demo_User role

Run the workflow:

Prerequisite: make sure the “user” and “approver” users have access to the “Workflow Tasks” menu

  • Log out and back in as “user”
  • Open a Product
  • Open the dropdown list of runnable processes
  • Select the price workflow and hit the run button (it may take a few seconds to instantiate the workflow the first time)
  • Hit F5
  • The Welcome page should now display a pending task, this is the initial step of the workflow where you enter the new price
  • Go to the workflow task, submit your price change request
  • The new price is not validated yet, if you refresh the product record, the price has not changed
  • The next step of the workflow is for “approver” to approve/reject the request. A task was automatically posted in “approver”'s basket.
  • Log out and back in as “approver”, open the task
  • Review/change the price and approve/reject the change
  • Open the record: now the price was modified
  • Open the Journal to audit the change
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