This page gathers tutorials for using SDI.

These tutorials assume that you're already familiar with Talend Open Studio (TOS). If not, please check out the TOS tutorials first.

Geospatial tutorials

User documentation

Sample project

  • Demo workspace Import this sample project in SDI to see examples of SDI jobs
  • Demo data to be used with demo workspace.


Linux/unix users

For linux/unix user, installation instruction are :

unzip SDI-All-V1.0-TOSV2.2.2.zip
cd SDI-All-V1.0-TOSV2.2.2
chmod +x SDI-linux-gtk-x86
./SDI-linux-gtk-x86 &

Windows users

If you are using Windows, do not unzip to your Desktop but directly to your drive (C:\ or other simple path). This is because of a filepath length limitation imposed by the operating system.

Install Spatial Data Integrator on existing TOS installation


Talend OpenStudio Documentation & installation



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