'Where has Babili gone?' you may wonder…

In the first trimester of 2020, Babili was decommissioned and can no longer be accessed externally. This is because Talend now processes the localization of Talend products internally.

During the Babili Era, Talend’s products were localized by the Community, at Community members’ own pace and on a voluntary basis, leading to a rather scattered localization experience for the end user. Talend has now decided to take back ownership of the translation process and restrict the scope of supported languages to French, Japanese and Chinese.

If you want to know more about Talend products, visit help.talend.com. You’ll find all the documentation you need to answer your questions about Talend and its software. Even better, this documentation is now also localized in French, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

Alternatively, you can also visit www.talend.com in your preferred language and don’t hesitate to contact productinfo@talend.com to learn more about our products.