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#1 2017-04-03 10:46:16

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WebserviceTALEND said:

Soap WebService Question

Hi! I have been using TOS ESB since last year and I now want to start a project using the ESB components.
I am going to explain what I have to do and would love if someone could tell me if this is possible with TOS and the components or tutorials that I should follow to proceed.

I want to comunicate with a Webservice(WSDL with SOAP). The webservice will be asking information all the time and I have to give some answers. There are several WSDL functions, for example..with the function"ASK ID" they can ask if a client with the ID "123" exists on my DB and on response I will have to do a DB query to answer them at the moment. At the same time, another client can be asking the same.

This is a graphic example, on this case I am the "backoffice".


I have been searching at talend tutorials and found some useful information like..receiving information with tESBConsumer, create a service with TESB request...but I am not able to find an easy example of a "webservice that could receive data, manipulate it and send it back". 

Thank you for reading this, will be expecting an answer to see if I can use TOS to create this project.

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