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#1 2017-04-03 15:59:11

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Colleen said:

How to do this in Talend?

I have a csv which has more than 30 columns and there are three columns that are of utmost importance. The columns are Address, Cancelled and Can Week End.
                 Address                                        Cancelled                                             Can Week End
 1         1234 Java Street                                 TRUE                                                   3/12/2017
 2         5617 Talend Developer Road                 FALSE (should be TRUE)                         Null (should be 4/2/2017)
 3         6587 Integration Court                         TRUE                                                   3/19/2017
 4         1234 Java Street                                TRUE                                                   3/26/2017
 5         7458 Null Creek Road                          FALSE  (should be TRUE)                        Null (should be 4/2/2017)
 6         5617 Talend Developer Road                FALSE                                                  Null
 7         7458 Null Creek Road                          FALSE                                                 Null
 8         6587 Integration Court                         FALSE                                                 Null
 9         1234 Java Street                                 FALSE                                                 Null

An address can be cancelled in multitude. 

No address can be written twice unless the previous time the address was written was cancelled and the Cancelled column depicts TRUE and week ending (Sunday Date) of the passed week. The users of the csv unknowingly make mistakes and then it is up to us to fix this before it lands in the database. Rows number 1, 3 and 4 are ideal but the rows 2 and 5 is what I am requesting assistance with.
This is my job. What can I add in tMap or some other component that would change the FALSE value to TRUE if Talend sees the same address second time or third time or fourth time without the previous time it was cancelled does not show TRUE. And when Talend sees the Address change it to TRUE and write down the week ending Date (passed Sunday) date under the Can Week End.
Please provide insights.
Thanks in Advance,

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