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#1 2017-04-03 20:28:40

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BremmeyrISS said:

[resolved] Decimal tSalesforceWaveBulkExec and tFileOutputDelimited

How does a job need to be configured to send decimal values to SalesForce Wave? Currently I have a job that reads data from my database and sends data to Wave. Near the end of the job the component tFileOutputDelimited is used to create a file that in turn is sent to Wave with component tSalesforceWaveBulkExec. 
To make this a simple test I created a job that is tSalesforceWaveBulkExec to upload a 3 column file with 1 record header and 1 record of data. In tSalesforceWaveBulkExec schema I set the columns to string, bigdecimal, and integer. bigdecimal has length 7 precision 3. Integer has length 7 precision 3. 

My data file is FieldTest.csv and contains 

tSalesforceWaveBulkExec also creates a json file with the following content; 
{"fileFormat":{"charsetName":"UTF-8","fieldsDelimitedBy":",","fieldsEnclosedBy":"\"","linesTerminatedBy":"\n","numberOfLinesToIgnore":0},"objects":[{"name":"SalesData","fullyQualifiedName":"Sales Data","connector":"Talend_tSalesforceWaveBulkExec","description":"","label":"CRM.SalesData","fields":[{"name":"A_String","fullyQualifiedName":"SalesData.A_String","label":"A_String","isUniqueId":false,"type":"Text"},{"name":"B_BigDec","fullyQualifiedName":"SalesData.B_BigDec","label":"B_BigDec","isUniqueId":false,"type":"Numeric","precision":7,"scale":3,"defaultValue":0,"format":"#.##"},{"name":"C_Int","fullyQualifiedName":"SalesData.C_Int","label":"C_Int","isUniqueId":false,"type":"Numeric","precision":7,"scale":3,"defaultValue":0,"format":"#.##"}]}]}

The upload to Wave sends the file with a response of; 
The upload status is 'CompletedWithWarnings'.
In Wave the result is that column B is truncated or rounded to a integer value. 
Error message:
(column: B_BigDec) strconv.ParseFloat: parsing "B_BigDec": invalid syntax § (column: C_Int) strconv.ParseFloat: parsing "C_Int": invalid syntax
In wave the result can be viewed and shows 
TestString              123       123


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