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#1 2017-04-04 17:28:17

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gt0731 said:

Salesforce - Incremental Data Load

We have a Use case where we need to Output new/Updated rows in SFDC  at a frequency of Every hour Job run.
When I checked for Salesforce component I did not find any CDC component related to It. Like we have for other databases.

Following Issue with SFDC JOB.
We have  SFDC Jobs which are taking  55 MIN  while executing the  Task. 

 Q1: Source -Target compares and then Can we do join/filter map  For Incremental Data?  is that possible?

 Q2: Can we use SOQL the same way we did Join /filter ?without restriction on it?

Please suggest mechanism  - How to get new/Updated rows only in SFDC.


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