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#1 2017-04-06 11:15:36

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Icy said:

There is an error when i used tmssqlconnection component

Tags: [bug, error]

Hi team,
1.There is an error that is "java.lang.NullPointerException" when i used tmssqlconnection in tmssqlinput component.
[FATAL]: fulfilltrans.job_loadfulfillpackage_0_1.job_LoadFulfillPackage - tMSSqlInput_2 null
Exception in component tMSSqlInput_2
at fulfilltrans.job_loadfulfillpackage_0_1.job_LoadFulfillPackage.tMSSqlInput_2Process(
at fulfilltrans.job_loadfulfillpackage_0_1.job_LoadFulfillPackage.tMSSqlInput_1Process(
at fulfilltrans.job_loadfulfillpackage_0_1.job_LoadFulfillPackage$

2. This is my job screenshot.

3. I used the tmssqlconnection in tmssqlinput component.


I have no idea how to fix it, please help me to review it. Thanks in advance!


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