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#1 2017-03-02 22:53:32

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Julietzhao0006 said:

How to insert an array type data into MongoDB by Talend tMongoDBOutput

Tags: [, mssql]

Hello Guys,
when I insert a row in Mongo shell:
  "column1": [ 
result is:
{ "_id" : ObjectId("58b82d52957107b7c5d11062"), "column1" : [ "AAA123", "BBB123" ] }
but when I load data with Talend tMongoDBOutput component, even I choice column1's data type is "Object" in output side, Talend still load it as string, result like this:
{ "_id" : ObjectId("58b82d52957107b7c5d11062"), "column1" : "[ "AAA123", "BBB123" ]" }
Because input_row is from Oracle, it is string, so I tried to add a tJavaRow component convert the string to array, but I can not set the result value to ouput_row which is tMongoDBOutput component's input_row, so anybody know What the best way I can do to resolved this problem? By the way, I must use Talend tMongoDBOutput to do it.


#2 2017-04-07 10:13:45

Talend Team

xdshi said:

Re: How to insert an array type data into MongoDB by Talend tMongoDBOutput

You can perform this by passing an array of json documents to the insert method on a collection in the mongo shell?
Have you tried this "function" in tMongoDBRow to see if it works?
Best regards

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