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#1 2017-04-07 21:23:03

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stamrake said:

Question on tFTPPut

I am trying to transfer a file to FTP location:
Files on SFT servers are stored with a Unique tracking number which will be attached with the file with format filename#<trackingid>. 

  • Now i am trying to transfer a file to server, "DECRYPT.FILE"

  • Server is automatically changing the name of the file to "DECRYPT.FILE#ABC1111"

  • Even though transfer is successful, I receive below error in Talend job 

[ERROR]: filecomponenttesting.sftp_connectivity_0_1.sFTP_Connectivity - tFTPPut_2 - File transfer fail./inbox/DECRYPT.FILE is not a valid file path
Exception in component tFTPPut_2

2: /inbox/DECRYPT.FILE is not a valid file path

I think after successful transfer, Job is checking for the file "DECRYPT.FILE" in FTP server and not able to find the file and it is throwing error.

Any idea how to resolve this issue?


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